LWV Greater Pittsburgh, PA

2014 Braddock Hills Borough

1300 Brinton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Telephone: 412-241-5080
FAX: 412-242-2860

Your Political Address

Elected Officials

Mayor: 4 year term
Party Next Election
John Brown, Jr. D 2017


Borough Council: 4 year term,

Party Next Election
Marguerite Bolton D 2017
Robert F. Henkel D 2017
Jessica Kostelec D 2017
Charles Arthrell D 2017
Thomas E. Evans D 2015
Vincent Gambino D 2015
Mike J. Evonich D 2015

Real Estate Tax Collector: Betty Ann Harvath D 2017
Constable: Mark Vogel D 2017

Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings:

Real Estate Tax: 6.2052 mills


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