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Election at a Glance

Election Day -- Primary Election
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Hours the polls are open
7 AM to 8 PM
Last day to register to vote
April 21, 2014. Form must be at the Division of Elections by 5 PM.
Places to get registration forms
The Division of Elections, Driver's License Centers, State Liquor Stores, Libraries, LWV Community Information Center, some banks, grocery stores, municipal buildings, and post offices or download here.
Last day to apply for civilian absentee ballot
Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Application must be at the Division of Elections by 5 PM. Absentee ballot must be returned before 5 PM Friday, May 16, 2014.
Place to get absentee ballot application
Division of Elections, 412-350-4520 or download here.

Appearing on the Ballot

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Representative in Congress

Senator in Pennsylvania General Assembly (even-numbered districts)

Representative in Pennsylvania General Assembly


Some Voting Tips

If you are voting at your polling place for the first time, you must bring a Photo ID such as a driver's license, student ID or some other form of US or PA government issued ID or a US or PA government issued non-photo ID that shows your address such as a voter identification card, a firearm permit, or a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government check. Details here.

Otherwise a photo ID will be requested, but it is not required to vote, and you do not need to show it. Details here.

If your registration is challenged, you are entitled to a provisional ballot which will be counted if you are later determined to be eligible.

We expect the 2014 League of Women Voters Guide to the Primary Election to be published in The New Pittsburgh Courier on May 7, 2014.

If this information hasn't answered your questions, check out Frequently Asked Questions about elections in Allegheny County.

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